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Niranjan Seshadri

Fruits & Roots

Fruits & Roots

Focusing on fruits, life turns towards the transient

Sliding down roots reveals a side that’s permanent

Roots, hidden extensions of life’s enormous tree

Sitting silent and motionless, with the power to set us free

Fruits are readily eaten, rarely questioned or admired

Color and beauty hides a plain seed, is it required?

Roots cannot be seen or held

Disappearing once the seed is shelled

Searching for roots happens in the dark

Fruits sit high on a tree, like a proud monarch

We seek to imitate fruits, they are sought after

Not the roots, for which we need to quiet the chatter

The mind is the soil, on one side, are the fruits

And the other the roots, hidden are its secret attributes

When the mind guides us to the fruits of evanescence

On the next turn, we can ask about the roots of permanence

True Beauty

True Beauty

The Essence

The Essence