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Niranjan Seshadri

My dear Irma

My dear Irma

You’ve become a blender in the sky

It is not just humans who sigh, Oh my

Water, our lifeblood, it is helpless

As the azure heavens watch, Nature isn’t reckless


When our skin isn’t tough, so it seems

Before the streets flood, the mind’s already burst its seams

When we hold the needle of attachment dear

And unspool the threads of fear


My dear Irma

You’ve encroached our firma

There is nothing to your name

Yet you soar to such fame


Our spindly limbs are too weak to push you away

By swallowing our feet, you hold us in your sway

Who first crossed the line? You or us?

The currents you bring are superfluous


Give us one more chance

Enough done, we will change our stance

Water saves lives, but you’ve weaponized it

Children cry, when your howling winds refuse to sit


You enter our homes as we leave

We return only to grieve

My dear Irma, you have a home

Leave us alone, and slip back into the salty foam