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Niranjan Seshadri

One sip... At a time

One sip... At a time

The mind’s guilty of a crime

Not enjoying life, one sip at a time

The crevice, guarded by teeth, so small

A helpless witness to the impudent mind’s bawl


Hoarding, looting and pillaging

Thoughts, fool’s gold is mined by rummaging

The invisible master hasn’t learnt to sip

Yet it’s granted ambassadorship


Leading the charge of the only life we know

Never too late to take control, of the show

By sipping one word, a thought or a breath

We’re excused from the dance with death


The momentary kind, where we fail to sip the present

While the mind greedily gulps, desire’s scent

The ocean full of fog can be understood, with only one sip

When we finally get to kiss, immortality’s lip

Beyond the shell

Beyond the shell