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Niranjan Seshadri

Fossilized Past

Fossilized Past

The fossil that bends and stretches

Showing proof of the bygone, through etches

Of the past, we’ve made a choice to carry that fossil

It is hard to ignore when it has grown colossal

The fossil tells a tale that isn’t make believe

Of experiences, it takes only one thought to conceive

We’re left with the brood, to feed in the mind’s cradle

Growing thoughts are hard to control even when natal

They jar our senses into submission

Thoughts never subscribe to the law of attrition

The living present is discarded, replaced by the fossil

Putting our awareness on a backward wobble

We are walking museums, cataloging the past

Reminisces are served by the mind as a repast

A fossilized past mirrors what the mind has become

It isn’t alive in the present, each moment’s a fresh outcome

Silent Word

Silent Word