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Niranjan Seshadri

One and Zero

One and Zero

When we remove the one, we’re left with zero

A happy state, where there is no villain or hero

Thoughts will definitely go back

When there is no chance of a payback

We are careful with the one, putting it before zero

It has penetrated the mind, it’s sharp as an arrow

Standing upright, it holds the creeper of ego

Whose fruits, when time calls, returns to zero

When the state of being is restored

To zero, the one cannot be cut by time’s sword

What we see as a line is a fraction of a circle

The universe is surrounded by an infinite girdle

Visible through the cosmic lens as the infinite zero

Unlike the one, constantly threatened by sorrow

Zero, the eternal symbol of emptiness and release

Removes suffering, and restores peace



The bridge between two lives

The bridge between two lives