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Niranjan Seshadri

Name and Fame

Name and Fame

Name and fame, why do we even care?

If we are important, there would be more fanfare

We would be paraded in front of the distant stars

And made the protagonist in the cosmic memoirs

We give ourselves names and set the bar for fame

As we climb, the mind becomes immune to shame

Name and fame, clothing we never discard

The wearer claims to have worked very hard

When we accept a name, we become a shadow

Adopting fame, darkness cannot be easily let go

Existence will not lend us more light

We have the sun, and a complete moon every fortnight

Name and fame, if they don’t dissolve we can’t sleep

Yet when we lose them, we start to weep

Clouds are given the sky to share, us the land

We’re swept away when we worry, about our place in the sand

Turning Pages

Turning Pages

Going and Becoming

Going and Becoming