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Niranjan Seshadri



Emotions are rolled into a teardrop

When the flood in the mind is hard to stop

Teardrops don’t leave a stain on the skin

But they deeply score the mind from within

We can help wipe another’s tears

Through a bond that cuts out the mind’s fears

Teardrops may be colorless but are the mind’s blood

Drowning in that flow, happiness shrinks into a bud

When we tear up at the thought of material loss

We must ask time to show us if its just dross

No one sheds tears for the loss of time

It’s slipping away is not benign

We toil away in the mind’s dingy sweatshop

Hope filled thoughts hold in reserve teardrops

To feed the future, which is always thirsty

Making us a watery world of emotions, full of worry

Love & Knowledge

Love & Knowledge

The Question

The Question