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Niranjan Seshadri



Life has a constantly shifting focus

We’re lucky time has chosen us to be the locus

It has paused long enough to give us a taste

But our greed has stepped into haste

When we tread lightly we remain

In sync with life, simple and plain

Like the air that can’t be carved by a chisel

Life has left the mind alone, it’s too fickle

We’ve chosen the mind, for our everyday life

It keeps us on our toes, unpredictability is rife

We have turned a collaborator into a competitor

Life will win in the end, the mind isn’t the inheritor

The light of life cannot burn a permanent mark

It’s power slips away when the mind is dark

There is still time, to become a root in life’s tree

Outliving the mind, we’re welcomed by life as the free



Equal Silence

Equal Silence