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Niranjan Seshadri



The burden of proof cannot touch desire

It will be consumed by spreading flames of that fire

Which heats the body and roils the mind

In that mess, how can we remain kind?

The world offers variety, desire seeks more

We can never empty its hidden store

It’s inventory, a secret we will never know

If the curtains open, are we brave enough to watch the show?

For existence, desire is neither an ally nor an enemy

Us seeking it will not change existence’s recipe

Desire’s the king where rest of life is off limits

Are we strong enough not to gift desire life’s precious minutes?

Anger sleeps in desire’s lap

It’s an incendiary that burns our thinking cap

There is no respite from that fire

When the winds that drive our life is desire

The Begging Bowl

The Begging Bowl

It's Time

It's Time