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Niranjan Seshadri

Night and Day

Night and Day

Nightfall, a bird without wings, it’s guaranteed

To build a nest, where inner light cannot bleed

When daylight’s rare, clouds boldly play dare

Emptying and dropping chains, to ensnare


The mind can see, but sworn to secrecy

Living by its laws, regarded as a life of decency

The roots are strong, they bind

There’s no savior, even grace gets intertwined


The shimmering spotlight plays hide and seek

Through life built by the sun, a lightning streak

The dawn can be experienced, it birthed our universe

Questioners and their questions must disperse


The mind’s a bird of prey, hunting by sight

Mighty are its wings, floating on the limelight

When light’s real, sunsets cannot be counted

Day sleeps, it’s night when thoughts remain mounted



The Melt

The Melt