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Niranjan Seshadri

One Tree

One Tree

There’s a tree that always is, its leaves never fail to glisten

When the wind blows, they listen

Appearing like millions of drooping ears

Reaching for the world, till its time to stop counting years


Seasons may end, but the tree survives

A witness to countless passing lives

When relegated to anonymity, like a fallen leaf

Shadow beings cannot contain their grief


The march of lesser greatness is stymied by a fall

It's sudden and ruthless when the root doesn’t play ball

Such leaves can sway and pray

But are powerless against winter’s grey


Even a leaf that stands as a tree’s crown

Will be forced to trade green for brown

Unlike the bark of truth, it stays on

Remaining when all the rest are gone

Soul Time

Soul Time

The drop that makes us whole

The drop that makes us whole