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Niranjan Seshadri

Price of Truth

Price of Truth

The price of truth is the life that’s lived

Transparent as the night sky, eyes can be deceived

Even if the vigilant innards broadcast any lie

As clear as a white cloud against a blue sky

The untruth beckons, as a tasty bait

Promising comforts, at a future date

The hard-working body may not be around

A lifetime’s chase will have run it into the ground

Where truth lives is more rarified than space

Accessible to the humblest amongst any race

Once we taste the fruit, we are responsible for the seed

One of truth is destined to be freed

The price isn’t high, even the poorest can enter

As long as the mind isn’t the center

The middlemen that eyes have become

Will have to hold their gaze, without an income

Benign Silence

Benign Silence

The guest

The guest