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Niranjan Seshadri

Sea of life

Sea of life

The sea of life cannot be paved

Waves are the same until we dip into what’s saved

In memory, a slippery road pebbled with thought

That is where all our battles are fought

This vehicle gets battered when the mind takes us there

The body becomes light when the eyes develop a vacant stare

Which refuses the ballast of enchanting sights

We forget it isn’t forever, unless time gives up first rights

The waters of life run deep

To get to the bottom we must forgo sleep

On the feathery bed of the past

A wealth that we have secretly amassed

Feet are not necessary to swim through life

It’s current cuts through the unknown like a knife

We are carried not near or far

But to this moment, which becomes a divine sandbar

The Fence

The Fence

The Sky

The Sky