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Niranjan Seshadri

The Inner Hunger

The Inner Hunger

Hunger lives within, so does hatred

We can only take one on any path we tread

Hunger for knowledge makes us humble

And the hardness of hatred will crumble

The eyes can’t be blamed if we cannot see inside

When we are satisfied with the mind, hunger will hide

It remains a fire that burns without a smoke

Through its heat, the divine we can invoke

The mind can make us crave for sand when in a desert

We fall into its mirage unless we are fully alert

What feeds the truly hungry? Not the land or a helping hand

It’s the grains of awareness when we take an inner stand

There is enough light and carbon to feed everyone

But even the brightest sun cannot fuel the inner run

The humble remain silent and hungry, their day will come

When they become full, they won’t talk about what they’ve become

The Weave

The Weave