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Niranjan Seshadri

The music of the moment

The music of the moment

When the recording stops, the moment goes live

Spontaneity does not need a rehearsal to thrive

The music in every moment is new

It’s always here, no need to wait for time to brew

Ears and the listener are needed, not years

To experience the music that erases all fears

Between the two ears, is the listener

Who’s forgotten but is free, and can never be a prisoner

The instrument of blind belief plays a different tune

It’s enchanting, and the world is ready to swoon

While the moment, it’s patient and will continue to silently wait

Its music can only be heard when we are cleansed of hate

The instruments of peace, love, and wisdom

Promise a life without any boredom

They cannot be recorded and replayed

They are live in the moments when we are no more afraid