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Niranjan Seshadri

Waking up

Waking up

First visions, emerge from a dark tunnel

And flood the sensory funnel

It’s waking up, after a long slumber

Ahead is life, where joy is conditioned to a slow simmer


Countless mornings do not count

Truly waking up is a whole new dismount

Off the body which pedals on, awake or asleep

With a journeyman, who knows how to laugh and weep


Waking up, once may be enough

To call the mind’s clever bluff

Few nights will need to pass

Before leaving our bed of grass


Rising up under the evergreen sun

It happens, when desires are baked and done

The call will come, wait, it’s all we can do

Waking up, it’s once, forever and true

Ledge of Nothing

Ledge of Nothing