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The power of positive intention. How to create a positive intention that is lasting.

The power of positive intention. How to create a positive intention that is lasting.

The cells of the human body have their unique ways of ‘talking’ to one another. There is intelligence at play at the cellular level. Within the borders of each cell, there is individual autonomy, and as an aggregate all cells in an organ set aside their ‘individuality’ to function harmoniously with other cells. Beyond the physical aspect of our existence, the mind controls our individuality and togetherness. The mind is a crucial non-physical entity which can determine the course of not just an individual’s life but also that of humankind.

The mind has its unique methods of silently communicating with the cells of the body. A positive mindset, coupled with positive intentions delivers an uplifting message not just to the external world but also the cells of our body. Everybody appreciates words of encouragement and a pat on the back. The body is no exception. It is committed to working day and night from birth to death. The mind has it relatively easy. Its energy pattern follows that of the sun. It is bright and energetic in the morning, and as the day goes on, it begins to tire, and sleep comes to the rescue.

This pattern of a rise and fall in the energy levels of the mind is universal. Depending on how we use the mind, it’s energy levels may be sustained at a high level during a day or it may rapidly deplete. The choice we make through the power of intention has a significant influence on the mind and how it shapes our lives.

We unconsciously make harmful intentions by succumbing to fear and uncertainty. Once we flip the switch and turn the mind towards negativity, it takes a lot of energy to reverse course. The level of unease we feel in the body-mind complex a reminder that it is not our natural state of being.

Creating positive intentions is a conscious process. It requires a commitment on our part. The mind does not readily respond when there is no individual commitment. There is much downstream benefit from each positive intention we set. Positive energy enters the body through our emotions, and via a chemical cascade, the message reaches every cell. When the message that all is well at the leadership level at the top reaches the cells of the body, they function in an environment that is free of stress. This, in turn, impacts on our health and well being.

Positive intentions are more potent when we take any given moment and infuse that moment so completely with that intention that we forget everything else for that instant of time. The essence of that positive intention will then trickle through time into thoughts that surface in the future.

Space in every moment is carved up amongst various camps. Remnants of the past take up a big slice, as do thoughts of the future. Between the past and the future, much of the energy of each moment is spoken for, and little remains as free space.

Just as the DNA blueprint is embedded in every cell, every thought carries an indelible imprint of our intentions, beneficial or harmful. Thoughts of the past and the future are kept alive through fear, uncertainty, expectations, and desires. Each one of these are unconscious intentions. When we give in to fear, for instance, it creates an unconscious intention which patterns itself on the causes of fear. This is also true for uncertainty, expectations, and desires.

There are two aspects to consider before creating a firm, lasting, and a positive transformative intention. One is freeing up space in each moment by limiting accommodations for thoughts of the past or the future. The other is gradually scrubbing thoughts of the imprint of harmful intentions. We can accomplish both of these through awareness.

When awareness is on a given moment as a whole without choosing between carve-outs for the past or the future, that moment begins to adopt a generic flavor. When a moment loses its specificity in regards to carrying memories of an individual’s past or aspirations for the future, it begins to take the form of pure energy. It is like taking ice cubes of various shapes and melting them first into a homogenous liquid and turning them into invisible vapor. Memories, desires, aspirations are all condensed energy. Awareness that does not choose between one or the other provides the necessary ‘heat’ to cause those condensed energy forms to evaporate into free energy.

When we entertain fear, it enters every thought. The more we embrace fear, the darker the imprint that it leaves in each thought. We will have to scrub from all our thoughts, unconscious harmful intentions we set for ourselves through fear. With complete awareness on one thought, we can safely confront embedded fears. Working on one thought through the totality of awareness on it, we can scrub all thoughts of that fear. We can do this for all our negative emotions.

Just as altering the DNA changes the entire genetic blueprint we carry, working on one thought and changing its fundamental structure will spread to all other thoughts. When we empty thoughts of their contents, their shells become available to us as vehicles which can carry whatever positive intention we set. When we insert a positive intention into an empty choiceless moment, it lights a spark which burns in every thought. That intention becomes intensely powerful and lasting. When we choose the right intention for the right reasons, we become powerful agents for change in the world.

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