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How to take charge of the mind’s energy and create positive thoughts

How to take charge of the mind’s energy and create positive thoughts

The mind is a vast field of energy. It is a miracle that this energy is available to us all the time. Through awareness, we are at the doorstep of the mind from the moment we wake up till we fall asleep. We forget that the mind and awareness are separate from each other; it is awareness that gives us the power to enter and interact with thought-forms in the mind. Understanding this distinction is essential as it helps us take charge of the mind's energy. Through awareness, we can mold the mind's energy into positively oriented thought-forms.

There are two ways in which our power of awareness can interact with the mind. One is selective, and the other is nonselective. When awareness is selective and driven by choices we entertain, it transforms some of the energy of the mind into discrete packets of information we call thoughts. When awareness is nonselective, those thought forms dissolve. Their energies become part of the homogenous field of mental energy.

We are accustomed to using mental energy as discrete thought 'particles.' Mental energy in this form limits us to the content of thoughts. We cannot easily create entirely new thought-forms from what is already in existence. Moving contents around from one thought to another is not the most efficient way of creating compelling new thoughts.

In positive thinking, we use thoughts that have already crystallized and formed. We collect such thoughts and concentrate on keeping them in the conscious realm. There is a downside to this approach. Thoughts are notoriously difficult to hold onto, even for those who have significant ability to concentrate.

When we can access mental energy when it is still a 'wave' and shape it into any thought-form, the mind becomes a potent tool. Through the power of awareness, we can modify and change the field of energy that comprises the mind. It is like positive thinking, except it is more comprehensive.

Awareness does not possess any qualities of its own. It provides the screen on which we project positive or negative mental qualities. Like a movie director who brings to life a compelling story, we can shape thoughts from the field of mental energy through the power of awareness. When awareness can be kept separate from thoughts, we can set a powerful intention through it, which then serves as a template for the conversion of raw mental energy into thought-forms.

When thoughts have served their purpose, we can recycle them back into the homogenous field of mental energy. This prevents them from reaching the subconscious from where come back as conditioning, habits, desires, and memories. When we can create new thoughts at will through awareness, there is no need to store thoughts for later retrieval. It is burdensome to do so, and freshness and mental creativity are lost.

Whatever thoughts we use or manufacture, they live on through actions we perform as a consequence. Destiny is nothing but the results of our thoughts and actions. When we are in full control of the mind through awareness, the future need not be a source of worry.

Such mental alchemy, in which we turn raw mental energy into beneficial thoughts and actions is within reach of everyone. However, when we cede awareness of the mind and ego, we lose this power. By practicing being in a witnessing state, we can regain full control of awareness.

We can witness every aspect of our interaction with the mind and the world as an extension. It takes time and effort; once we touch the witnessing aspect of our being, we don't lose that ability. Having the ability to remain in a witnessing state of consciousness is a significant step forward in our inner evolution. We can use the separation it creates between awareness and the mind's energy to create powerful new positive thoughts.

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