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Niranjan Seshadri

Lost pearl

Lost pearl

An unguarded well, welcomes the swirl

Of desperate seekers, after the same lost pearl

They forget the breath’s gentle embrace

And the heart’s gentle grace


Descending, the ladder into the dark inner sky

A false calm, like a hurricane’s eye

 ‘I’, the one visible constant

By the fading light of conscience


Greed drives the will to excavate

Working day and night becomes innate

All that’s found is a rock-strewn bed

Offering rest, to the living dead


The pearl’s hidden in every drop, of the rain

We are soaked, in pleasure or pain

A gift from the sky that smiles, after

We forget, everything but us is in laughter

Snowflakes by the sea

Snowflakes by the sea

The time has come

The time has come