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Niranjan Seshadri

Snowflakes by the sea

Snowflakes by the sea

When Brethren are far removed, the mind occupies the gap

Between space and time, birthing nature’s tender lap

No two are the same, yet there’s lonely abundance

Sun and the sea, unlike the mind’s inglorious redundance


A freshly crisp snowflake, and a wizened salty drop

Both eke out lives, calling infinity as the backdrop

Rare in the other’s backyard

Finally united by the pen of the bard


Whose calligraphy empties a book

Giving no moment a second look

Such as them, see no difference

Past recedes into only those who give it preference


A snowflake’s only chance, diving into a flowing brook

A long festoon from sky to sea, and nature’s guidebook

It closes the rift between snow and salt, flooding the divide

When the eyes willingly rest, nature becomes an inseparable bride


The road ahead

The road ahead

Lost pearl

Lost pearl