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Niranjan Seshadri

The road ahead

The road ahead

Parallel lines can meet

If patience is long and sweet

On the well-trodden road ahead

Long forgotten, in the fight for daily bread


Smooth or rough, it’s just the surface

Kept warm, by the fire deep in the furnace

Of the sun, both inside and outside

Catering to all, whether closed or wide-eyed


Even without a step, the road always returns

If the map disappears, so will the turns

Those who are lost, are proudly ahead

Fooled by the length of the finite thread


Each milestone comes only as marked

Miles and stones don’t matter, after we’ve disembarked

The road ahead is long in the making

Each step a new beginning, not the end that’s heartbreaking



Snowflakes by the sea

Snowflakes by the sea