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Niranjan Seshadri

Storm and peace

Storm and peace

Hulking trees, stand rigid and tall

Even as the sky allows a storm to sprawl

Trunks and branches, decades in the making

Creak and shake, but the roots have no trouble forsaking


Their leafy windows to the world

As the winds sever their link to the underworld

Relieving the roots, its onerous duty of sustenance

Mother Nature shows no reluctance


Under the cover of the night, lands are flattened

Leaving a mind with deep roots, eternally saddened

Seeds in dark dormancy remain

Waiting for the day they can return to reign


Unlike an instinct emboldened sinewy beast

The wielder of the mind swallows a fear laced feast

When its roots are rigid, and thoughts don’t bend

The treasure of peace, sadly meets its end  

What we cannot see

What we cannot see

Beyond the shell

Beyond the shell