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Niranjan Seshadri

What we cannot see

What we cannot see

Ideas may safely clash, when swords are rested

Waves of progress have not crested

They may be fulfilled by those waiting in line

Who remain hidden, by grand design


Placeholders, dangerously meddling with what we cannot see

Leave it to the thinkers, whose hearts are big as the sea

We’ve been bestowed the key, to the energetic speck

By benevolent pioneers, our gift, threatening a ruinous wreck


There isn’t much beauty in the arrows we fly

Unlike an icy comet’s eye

The cushion around earth puts on nightly beauty pageants

While less than starry thoughts, cleave our civilization into fragments


Atoms seeks unity, our skins are enough proof

The indwelling human spirit is shatterproof

The heart offers a window, perspective makes us forgot to clean ours

If our arrow tips don’t meet, those waiting to come may open theirs

The time has come

The time has come

Storm and peace

Storm and peace