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Niranjan Seshadri

Ocean's freedom

Ocean's freedom

There is freedom, in the dark abyss of the oceans

Where wings may be gifted, to heavy passions

Before sculpted rock turns into carefree dust

Experience offers, a taste we can trust


When naked as particles of sand

Whose entry into the ocean isn’t planned

We land on the cusp, ready for the wave

Only if we’re willing, to tuck the past into a grave


From the surface to the deep depth

Bliss is the same, when thoughts embrace death

The flow never dies, holding everything in its sway

Even if sin morphs into prayer, destiny does not stray


Surrounded by oceans, we fight over a name

It’s ready to host all, except wealth and fame

There isn’t freedom in a sunken treasure

Compared to the expanse, it isn’t worth a measure


Soothing raindrops

Soothing raindrops

Seekers of wealth

Seekers of wealth