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Niranjan Seshadri

Soothing raindrops

Soothing raindrops

Fingers have grown, into long roots

Serving the mind, in its quest for new fruits

Forcing hands to turn away, no longer giving

But expecting nature to be forgiving


Pockets are sewn, as an afterthought

For which grandeur and depth is always sought

Enveloping us in shrouds, growing hardy as a fingernail

Even as the body winds down when old and frail


Fingers have purpose and beauty

It’s reputation smeared, when mind grabs booty

Garlanded by invisible handcuffs

The page is never turned, to the lesson of enough


As the last drops of time dry and disappear

What fingers have been holding becomes clear

When the heart opens, fingers become soothing raindrops

And no more roots, that prey on teardrops

Waves in a bowl

Waves in a bowl

Ocean's freedom

Ocean's freedom