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Niranjan Seshadri

Waves in a bowl

Waves in a bowl

A sea is unafraid of its waves

They litter its roof like traves

When the shoreline approaches, they protest

Melting into the scorching sand as the sea’s bequest


Their prowess peaks in the rocky shallow  

Always energetic and never sallow

When sand beckons, they forget the hypnotic beat

Each note etched in the wind, nature’s music sheet


The earth balances a pot of water, the ocean

A little slip, evolution will lose a promised promotion

Nature’s a textbook, hiding the secret to the soul

Holding onto the waves, we fall through the loophole


Our feet, scorched by the prickly sand of desire

And the head, tormented by waves, sets the bar higher

Our hands, decorated with callouses as we cling to the bowl

But unlike the sea, it can be emptied whole


Hidden glow

Hidden glow

Soothing raindrops

Soothing raindrops