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Niranjan Seshadri

Hidden glow

Hidden glow

Steely as iron is, it’s submissive to heat

Impurities hidden within cannot cheat

When it gives up it turns golden

And flows like a river when molten


Love and water don’t need heat to flow

When they run deep, they move slow

There isn’t anywhere to go when content

Time does not turn antique when it’s spent


Why be a glacier or a volcano?

When we are surrounded by love’s soft halo

The ornaments we wear, have suffered the wrath of heat

While the thoughts we hold are unashamedly deadbeat


When life is well, the body’s neither hot nor cold

Why can’t the mind follow suit and fold?

Burned by the heat of desire, the mind will turn to rust

Hiding the glow of the self beneath the aging crust

The mystic's wine

The mystic's wine

Waves in a bowl

Waves in a bowl