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Niranjan Seshadri

Heart in Silence

Heart in Silence

When silence is enriched by words, they’re from the heart

Which is impenetrable to the mind’s black art

There’s a comforting silence in the middle of this storm

There we meet the heart, away from thoughts that swarm

The mind, its noise makes our ears blind

Silence cannot be seen or heard, and cannot be confined

It’s isn’t deafening, it makes us hear everything

We become the wellspring once we let our hearts sing

Our planetary womb floats on an infinite bed of silence

It’s within reach, once we leave the company of the tyrant

Who keeps us imprisoned using heady thoughts

When that intoxicant evaporates, we feel a heavy loss

There isn’t a need to fear of falling off the mind

The heart will welcome us, we’ve been unfaithful but it’s kind

We are fed its nurturing silence when we mature

We become one with silence and its innocent allure

Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind

Laughing Moment

Laughing Moment