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Niranjan Seshadri

Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind

The mind owes a heavy tribute to the heart

It’s inherited an allure, using it to keep people apart

The heart’s blood feeds the senses, the mind’s tentacles

Even as they trap our awareness in sticky receptacles

Without a formal coronation, the mind holds court

Where we are easily played as if a sport

If only the mind would melt and let us win

Not the world, but the battle with passions within

Which are like a mirage, a desert’s unreal side

The spectacle thoughts must first subside

Whether its night or day, light or dark

Without thoughts, the mind will lose its spark

When we retire the mind’s version of the truth

While we are still under the peel of youth

The heart then becomes visible as love and gratitude

Revealing our human side which is moral rectitude



Heart in Silence

Heart in Silence