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Niranjan Seshadri



On a floating pocket of air, we’ve made it

Life has come this far, we shouldn’t quit

Our frame is the biological pinnacle

It even gets its own mirror, a true miracle

Sheen’s lost when the mirror stores and grows

And its freewheeling ways come to a close

Seriousness clouds our vision

Suddenly, it’s an individual decision

Holding onto our reins, we’re disconnected

From the rest of life, which cannot be directed

The play is staged after ensuring self-sufficiency

All actors are blessed, none can claim a deficiency

On a clouded mirror, this is never seen

Tired of the play, we pray for a new screen

To cast imagination, remnants of our creative zeal

If we can pause, the cracked mirror will slowly heal

Joy of Stillness

Joy of Stillness

Silent Affirmation

Silent Affirmation