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Niranjan Seshadri

Fever of Desire

Fever of Desire

Febrile with desire, the mind forcibly rests

Awaiting onslaught of the next morning’s protests

A fleeting silence is all we get

As the mind rejoins a course already set

Desire’s a habit, long in the making

Without it, there’s fear of forsaking

A lofty future or a cushy rebirth

Noble propositions, the mind uncannily puts forth

Heavens may entice those who, desire less

But the desireless aren’t given a future address

Desire’s the same cloak, whether for less or more

Hung behind the mind’s nondescript door

Desires are behind the fire of inner conflicts

It’s not an innocent game of carrots and sticks

The feverish mind settles and cools

When there is none to respond to desire’s rules

Pebbles of the Past

Pebbles of the Past

Time's Wheel

Time's Wheel