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Niranjan Seshadri

Pebbles of the Past

Pebbles of the Past

The past has turned into pebbles

Long past its turn, to create new ripples

They have sunk to the bottom

On the riverbed of life, it’s best forgotten

They cannot impede the gentle flow

Of existence, they’re imprisoned below

Time may have rounded every edge

Each pebble can cut like a knife’s sharp edge

We can spare our backs, the weight of the past

If we look at this moment, in contrast

Here and now isn’t a bed where the past can rest

It is ushered out like an unwelcome guest

This moment is as light as cotton

It cannot be dragged by the past to the bottom

It will be kept afloat in the air

Freely visible, everyone’s treasure to share

When light turns heavy...

When light turns heavy...

Fever of Desire

Fever of Desire