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Niranjan Seshadri

When light turns heavy...

When light turns heavy...

Clouds can never become the sky

Staying light, they remain high

To satisfy the temptation of the ground

Clouds become drops, in which they drown

When the sky becomes heavy and blue

The light from the beyond can still breakthrough

Primordial rays silently crisscross the sky

Even when darkness is at a peak high

If the mind were transparent as a crystal

Change would blow like the winds of the mistral

Sky of the universe is open for examination

It’s secrets lie in emptiness, not condensed formation

Clouds, sky, light, and emptiness

Thoughts, intellect, awareness, and consciousness

When the lightweight becomes heavyset

We arrive, to play the game of clearing a debt

First Principle

First Principle

Pebbles of the Past

Pebbles of the Past