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Niranjan Seshadri

First Principle

First Principle

The first principle, it’s forgotten

Making life a burden begotten

The mighty past cannot go behind

And stand before life, which can’t be defined

When everything’s let off, it’s the present

A distillate of life we cannot circumvent

Pleasures and pain evaporate like vapors

Along with the mind which hasn’t done us any favors

Mind wears a mask, a conniving masquerade

By capturing awareness, it’s turned silence into a tirade

If the mind’s secret voice could be recorded

We’d wisen up, it’s barren clouds would not be hoarded

The first principle, life, deserves gratitude

That gift, it’s discovered in solitude

Both within and without, life is the same

We realize when the in-between loses grip on its name



When light turns heavy...

When light turns heavy...