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Niranjan Seshadri

The sound of one hand clapping

The sound of one hand clapping

Nature holds the sound, of one hand clapping

It’s lent to a koan, aiming for an awakening

Bewilderment, it can begin the journey

In which holding one thought can end all worry

Accustomed to ears we can touch and feel

Entertaining them with silence can be an ordeal

We cannot silently think our way to the beyond

But if we can clap with one hand, nature may respond

The dancing pairs of opposites make great sound

The mind claps with two hands, we are spellbound

Manufactured answers keep awareness spare

A prayer in silence becomes exceedingly rare

When we tune into existence with a one-handed clap

We no more fall prey to the mind’s trap

Through this koan, Zen may be heard for the first time

Filling us with a silence that will last beyond a lifetime

It's Simple

It's Simple