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Niranjan Seshadri



We will be sought after, by beauty

To wear its skin, when we drive away cruelty

From our thoughts, merging them with purity

Beauty keeps company with only serenity

When the mind suffers a famine of goodness

Beauty shies away from the coming lewdness

Skin suffers from the oppression of artificial beauty

When the mind tries to cover it as a duty

Beauty is part of nature’s preserve

It teaches us when we begin to conserve

Our energies by cultivating love and peace

And shunning the impulsive mind’s caprice

Beauty slips out when we compare and contrast

It is not a reflection of another or the past

When beauty selects its home inside

It will make us shine, without any hint of pride

The sound of one hand clapping

The sound of one hand clapping

Inner Mountain

Inner Mountain