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Niranjan Seshadri

Inner Mountain

Inner Mountain

We’ve let the inner mountain grow, it looms

So high, where only the flower of ego blooms

It scrapes the bottom of the inner sky

Finding darkness that has imprisoned our eye

We can scale its peak, but it offers no rest

It grows by the moment, enticing us with a new quest

It looks like a rock, but we sink into it like its sand

To leave the mountain, we can’t just wave a wand

It becomes a vanishing cloud before our eyes

When we hold firm, that no part of us dies

A blade of grass has deeper roots

Than this mountain we scour for fruits

Standing tall, the inner smoke dwarfs the mountain

It rises and is drenched by a magical fountain

In the midst of a garden of enchantment

Where we have the power to summon any enactment



Silent Mind

Silent Mind