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Niranjan Seshadri

Elastic Mind

Elastic Mind

The mind stretches us like elastic until we break

We hold on to the mind, for the ego’s sake

Thoughts are wound around us so we don’t escape

Freedom is forgotten, as the character takes shape


The mind’s tensile strength is rarely tested

It stretches and pulls as long as we remain invested

With scattered awareness, we cannot make it across

We’re left playing the game of profit and loss


Pulling happiness and pushing misery

Both are fleeting and cursory

Even if one is let go, we can start to relax

To make it total, awareness cannot be lax


The knot of energy bound in the mind will unravel

When we vanquish the ego, a worthy rival

The pent up energy when the mind’s no more elastic

Becomes concentration, as indestructible as plastic

Talking Trees

Talking Trees