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Niranjan Seshadri

Dreaming the dreamer

Dreaming the dreamer

Be wary of a dream, but not of the dreamer

Who watches in awareness, not as a schemer

Dreams are tailor-made for this bubble of water

It’s a miniature of the sun’s blue-green daughter


Dreams change, but not the dreamer

Cards we are dealt with come from a flighty dealer

Dreams are enchanting, but we find them dull

When awareness is asleep and lost in a lull


A dream is visible but not the dreamer

Who knows freedom and is the redeemer

When we are bound to a dream by an invisible glue

The indifferent dreamer does not come into view


Dreaming of wealth makes us very eager

To forget, we are the hidden dreamer

When the gulf to the dreamer becomes narrow

The allure of this dream approaches zero