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Niranjan Seshadri



Spirited away by an enchanting sound

Our hands and feet are no more to be found

Making us light as air and swift as lightning

Then come revelations, so enlightening


Life is flowing, like the traveling sound

Through silence it’s mysteries are unbound

The truly silent becomes inconspicuous as a hair

Recognized, by their innocent stare


The ears are adept at picking sound

Which suits the mind where we run aground

When a sound mind is no more a mystery

Our awareness will outrun the claws of past history


If we miss the light, we can wait for its sound

The light will make a return, leaving us spellbound

Showing us a void, whose sound cannot be tamed

To hear it, lost time must be reclaimed

Dreaming the dreamer

Dreaming the dreamer

Mind 'n Awareness

Mind 'n Awareness