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Niranjan Seshadri



Hard-won freedom, it is never a bargain

For the inner kind, senses have to be slain

It comes with a wingspan wide as the universe

So full of love, even in silence it can converse

True freedom comes with a gift

It glues together the slightest rift

Banishing the ills of duplicity

As long as the heart swims in simplicity

Freedom is a choice, bitter at first

Especially if senses are coddled and nursed

Separation from them is never easy

The silent emptiness can make the head queasy

Inner freedom is written in every guide book

By skimming the pages, we aren’t off the hook

Its found beyond the mind’s valleys and hills

The determined work, dropping all sensory frills

Petrified Relic

Petrified Relic

The Road

The Road