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Niranjan Seshadri

Petrified Relic

Petrified Relic

Let the mind flow before it petrifies

When it’s stone-like, we can’t empathize

Earth is full of rocks, we needn’t become one

It needs more hearts, to stop what’s being done

Human values are turning into a petrified relic

Simplicity and love is considered angelic

For busy lives, it is too far out of reach

For gifts we have, we ignorantly again beseech

The bringer of happiness, we seek to petrify

But nothing is permanent under our sky

When we flow, stony remnants will dissolve

Until then we’re responsible, desires won’t absolve

When a petrified mind melts again

It will no more be the heart’s bane

Together, they rejoin the endless stream

Which bridges reality with everyone’s dream

Singing Thoughts

Singing Thoughts