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Niranjan Seshadri

Breath of Nature

Breath of Nature

Like waves, in and out of our bodies. there is  a flow

Back into a reservoir which has no room to grow

A gift from our lungs, we unknowingly give

Nurturing life, under a tree’s bark covered sleeve


Trees, they don’t sleep on what’s gifted

It is us, who have unconsciously drifted

Trees respond, with a forest of beauty in return

Without which, our lungs would crackle and burn


When every breath becomes a tribute, we’re close to salvation

There isn’t a book that has such an easy revelation

We are drunk on false promises, a painless path is declined

The breath’s forgotten when the present is sedated by the mind


It can be healed, this eternal rift

Awareness has to make a simple shift

Not towards an abstract unknown

But to nature and breath, on which trees have grown

The eternal flow

The eternal flow

The Truth

The Truth