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Niranjan Seshadri

The eternal flow

The eternal flow

We build a self with the silt of the past

Forgetting, the river yet to come is vast

It may bury our cherished project

Or may carry us to the sea, bedecked


The flow can never be stopped

It is our connection with it that is dropped

We become like islands, in search of a path

Even the tranquil sea seems to be full of wrath


Webs we weave are porous, they cannot even hold a drop

And the dam of desire brings us to a full stop

The scenery doesn’t change, only the sky switches color

To look beyond the island we yearn to become taller


Water does not walk upstairs

It’s happy to flow where the land wears

Waiting patiently, for the air to thin

Rising high, from where showers fill rivers to the brim

Nectar in the desert

Nectar in the desert

Breath of Nature

Breath of Nature