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Niranjan Seshadri

Nectar in the desert

Nectar in the desert

A wanderer through a desert, in search of nectar

Wishes it would shower from the sky, the only protector

Shunning a sticky mind that hopes every thought lingers

And by letting them slip by like dry sand filtering through fingers

There isn’t a thirst for more, only a wait as smoke clears

From the dry burning mind, it may take many years

The work of reviving what’s left, it’s left to the worldly

The futility of that task, it will make them surly

Life remains fresh, even when the mind becomes a desert

It’s current is hidden like a treasure, Nature will never blurt

By putting a stop to digging heels, in shifting sand

The wind becomes powerless, the present will regain its stand

The dunes once brooding, wear a smile when they’re dry and light

There isn’t fear of bathing in such sand, to a knower they are not made to smite

Drops of nectar eventually appear, deep under the brow wearing a shine

Revealing the inner mist as a mirage, the sky’s clearing is a sure sign

Invisible Gardener

Invisible Gardener

The eternal flow

The eternal flow