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Niranjan Seshadri

Invisible Gardener

Invisible Gardener

The  search for the invisible gardener

Cannot happen without a loyal partner

Who can carry the seeds, where the future lives

Destined to sprout even if the gardener forgives

A palette of infinite colors is hidden in every seed

The gardener has willed, diversity of colors will succeed

We cannot hold onto our skins forever

But the root will always remain, which time cannot sever

Respectable trees cannot do without delicate strands

Spreading out underground like hard working hands

Feeding the forest above, silently and in the dark

The sun has done its job, providing the initial spark

Flowers may sprout a bloom, day or night

But they cannot survive time’s withering might

If only we allow the invisible gardener to groom and prune

The cycle will end, no more will a flower make us swoon

The Sky

The Sky

Nectar in the desert

Nectar in the desert