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Niranjan Seshadri

Clouds without roots

Clouds without roots

We’re given a cloud of cells, a wisp, and airy

No match for a curtain to fall, dark and heavy

Guarantees aren’t granted, neither nectar nor brimstone

No matter how sharp the eyes, lost is the chance to atone


Sleep brings joy, but its soft altar claims a bite

In it, time becomes a dream with disembodied sight

It’s a fantasy, there’s urgency but it is never shared

Holding the timeless secret, the awake aren’t easily ensnared


The sky isn’t singed as the sun rolls

Neither are the leaves feeding millions of souls

We grow when the sun’s at the height of its prowess

Giving clouds a proud glint, sparkling eyes bearing witness


In the windswept sky, clouds aren’t allowed to sprout

Instead bringing us rain, leaving the sky in drought

Clouds belong to none, even birds cannot call them home

When is ash foretold, why cling to our cloud? We’re free to roam

The Melt

The Melt

Other Self

Other Self