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Niranjan Seshadri

Desire's fire

Desire's fire

A door frame, our body and its life

We hang on by a hinge, desires that run rife

They guard the mind like a ring of fire

Keeping the mind wet, otherwise it’s lease will expire


Chasing aspirations keep our fingers and toes warm

Every day it’s a new person, the mind supplies the uniform

Desires never burn out, as if it’s a fire retardant

The present moment flames out, naked without a garment


As fires rage within, hidden is the heap of ash

Desires escape unscathed, peace disappears in a flash

Ignorance sparks like dry tinder, when knowledge is in drought

The allure of the world, the only way out


When the mind cools to an ideal clime

There’s armistice, the body thrives, it’s peacetime

Unity between body and mind is forged

Inertia of the door frame is purged






The moment

The moment