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Niranjan Seshadri

Enduring seeds

Enduring seeds

In the fruits of action, hidden are seeds

They hold a measure, of our long forgotten deeds

Our secret motives grow like a thorny vine

Shredding innocence which keeps us benign


The journey to the soul isn’t easy or free

The seed vault we carry holds the key

It takes lifetimes to sow and reap

But wisdom’s the match that can burn the heap


The roots of desire are many

Searching for a perennial source of plenty

In the world, there is a famine of bliss

Without nourishment, the soul is in a state of remiss


The drops of desire may evaporate

Only to regroup as clouds that wait

To shower seeds waiting to take

Once they sprout, their thirst is hard to slake

Bridge across life

Bridge across life

Living reflections

Living reflections