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Niranjan Seshadri

Existence and the Self

Existence and the Self

The mind gains in vitality through the distance

That’s kept between the self and existence

A thick mantle of darkness is the mind’s savior

Existence remains silent, it doesn’t condone mind’s behavior


The senses loudly proclaim that there’s no turning back

But seeds of falsehood cannot take, the inner soil will not crack

We’re rendered drifters in search of the self

Absent, as long as we sit on mind’s shallow shelf


Existence wants to use the world as its audition room

Coached by the mind, we’ve let it become our tomb

But when our hands come together in a prayer of unity

The divisive mind loses its immunity


On the mind’s screen, the existence of the self cannot be shown

There is no telling, the mind may bring out a false clone

The saturating dampness of devotion makes the mind surrender

And the fabric of the self and existence can no longer be torn asunder



Mind and the Sky

Mind and the Sky